Founded as an university spin-off by Prof Dr. H. Michalik and Prof Dr. L. Hinsenkamp

Acquisition of ETG to build up TEMPEST expertise

The ownership of DSI Datensicherheit GmbH changed to Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

Today Aerospace Data Security GmbH (ASDS) is operating with about 50 engineers at three premises with different focuses at each site, located in Stuhr, Germany


• From-scratch Design // Development // Prototyping of hardware crypto solutions for harsh environments

• BSI-accreditation up to secret: No compromises on data security acceptable

• High-quality production of aerospace units

• Solving complex technical problems in small interdisciplinary highly skilled engineering teams

• High-end products for datalink security, storage encryption, high speed encryption, …

• Reliable partner for challenging and innovative projects

Niels Born

CEO Statement

Which sentence best describes the company’s mindset?
Compromises on data security are strictly unacceptable.


What do you think is the source of innovation and good teamwork?
Imagine, how incredibly fulfilling it would be, if you reach a big goal by creating something complex and sophisticated. Something challenging and revolutionary new that you can be really proud of! And all of this together with friends or good colleagues that support and appreciate you. In my opinion, this is something everybody should experience and is a main source for innovation and good teamwork.


How does the company handle mistakes that are quite common in innovative work processes?
It is clear that humans make mistakes, especially in processes of growth and learning.  So I think that’s a necessary element of the overall goal.


The end in itself submits to the goal.




ASDS is well equipped with all tools and facilities for realising complex projects in our highly specialised field of application. The toolchain for requirement-based engineering and development is customised for every project in order to meet the project-specific needs. Visualisation is key: The development of complex crypto systems requires a stringent top-down engineering approach. We have optimised our development flow and the according toolchains, in order to visualise all crucial architectures. This is essential for establishing a common understanding – within the ASDS project team and together with the customer.


What we offer

ASDS provides an experienced engineering staff for project management, system and hardware engineering, firmware and software development, as well as for verification and product assurance. Our experience covers all stages from design up to implementation, testing, and integration. We will assist you in finding a smart and cost-efficient solution for any problem you may face.



modulators / demodulators, BPSK, QPSK, SQPSK, etc.


data security, communication security, encryption, authentification, key management, smart cards, AES, etc.


BSI zone model, SDIP-27 up to Level A, EMC, consulting and professional training, etc.


security system concept studies, design & development, support


Over the years, Aerospace Data Security GmbH (formerly DSI Datensicherheit GmbH) has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) which is specifically adapted to our main areas of activity in aerospace and information security. The QMS permeates all aspects of ASDS’s management structure and core project life cycle processes ranging from pre-development and requirements analysis to design, implementation, verification and supporting processes, as well as of course quality assurance.

Thanks to the ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS a high level of organisational clarity and effective project control is achieved.

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