High-end data and system security

ASDS provides high security solutions mainly in the area of official and governmental applications as well as cryptographic systems, which can also be used in harsh environments. Driven by the extremely high security requirements, both the technical solutions and their design and development process differ from standardised solutions in the commercial sector.

In order to realise these complex solutions, an uncompromising focus on the required security performance of the product is obligatory.



  • Encryption / decryption of high rate signals (Highspeed encryption)
  • Data- and communication security
  • Authentification, key management and smart cards
  • AES
  • Security data diodes
  • Hardware firewall

The development of such a highly secure unit must follow a fixed standard process that cannot be modified, otherwise significant damage to the project may occur. Thus, at ASDS it is also part of the development process to guide the customer through the project, ensuring a focused TOP – DOWN development from start to finish.

Security-related problems in the field of high security can lead to considerable damage to all project partners involved. ASDS considers it as one of its main tasks and its philosophy to avert these damages.

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