ASDS develops space-based hardware designs since 1997, with a flight heritage of more than 50 failure-free years in orbit. The skill and experience of the ASDS team covers the full spectrum of engineering and product assurance knowledge, to successfully develop and manufacture applications hardened for the harsh environment of space. This includes their delivery, verification, provision of the accompanying firm- and software, as well as their ground-based support equipment. All this while maintaining a high level of quality, even under tight schedule constraints.

We design and develop your electronic equipment – either as a turn-key solution or using a cooperative development approach.


Authentication and
En- / Decryption Unit

The authentication and encryption/decryption unit executes the necessary crypto functionalities to protect the data on the various connections between the ground and space segment. It has a radiation-hard design that can handle various types of data, including but not limited to, imagery data, command and housekeeping data.


Crypto Module

The Customizable Crypto Module can be fully adapted to the desired technical and security related requirements, and can be radiation-hardened for the space environment. It handles the encryption and decryption of mission data, as well as any necessary authentication steps.


Co-Processor Board

The unit serves as a crypto co-processor for securing TM/TC links. It provides authentication between Satellite and Ground Station, and establishes a highly secured communication channel for key exchange. On the packet level, encryption/decryption of TM/TC packets is performed.


Radiation-Hard Encryption FPGA

ASDS provides its own IP Cores for performing encryption/decryption (AES, as well as elliptic curve-based algorithms), authentication (e.g. HMAC-RIPEMD-160, SHA-x), CCSDS-conformant channel coding/decoding, or SpaceWire interfaces according to ECSS-E-50-12A.


High-end LEO Crypto Systems (Platform)

The High-End LEO Crypto Systems (Platform), implemented in rad-hard designs, handle the encryption, decryption and authentication of highly encrypted data on different links between ground and space segments. On these links e.g. command data and housekeeping data are provided.


High-end LEO Crypto Systems (Payload)

The High-End LEO Crypto Systems (Payload), used in rad-hard designs, support the encryption of highspeed sensor data. On these links e.g. imagery data and housekeeping data are handeled.


ASDS provides smart solutions for airborne applications. We are active in the fields of design, development and implementation of complex reliable electronic systems. The focus of our activities is on the solutions for cryptography, communications, computers, as well as test systems. ASDS has taken part in critical and highly complex national and international projects.


Crypto System

The Airborne Crypto System handles the encryption, decryption and authentication of data on the various links between ground and air segments where, for example, image data, command data and housekeeping data are transmitted. It is designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of tactical air operations.


Airborne Mass Memory and Processing Unit

The MMPU handles and stores data for various sensor applications. Its highly reliable and robust design is based on MIL standards to meet the demanding requirements of airborne environments.



Highly integrated Baseband Processor Module for high rate Transmitter/Receiver implementations. Modulator and RF Front End Modules are also available.


High-Speed Data-Link and Payload Encr. Module

High-speed module for encryption of imagery data (several hundred Mbps), housekeeping data encyption and command data encryption.

ASDS provides naval and ground equipment solutions. Our product portfolio ranges from underwater communication systems to ground based en- / decryption units. Our rugged and reliable equipment is designed and manufactured based on stringent military standards. 


Crypto System

The Ground Crypto system handles the encryption, decryption and authentication of the data on different links between ground and airborne segments, on which e.g. imagery data, command data and housekeeping data are transmitted.


Ground Crypto Processing Unit (TM)

The Ground Crypto Unit performs all necessary tasks to establish a secure link to a trusted remote partner (i.e. satellite). It provides authentication between Satellite and Ground Station and establishes a highly secured communication channel for key exchange. On the packet level, encryption/decryption of TM/TC packets is performed.



PC plug-in card for implementation of high-rate receivers.


Test Systems

Application Specific Test Systems, e.g. for test of aerospace eletronics systems.



The Unit Tester is a simplified version of an EGSE, seeing the Unit as a black box. It is used to test the input/output signals of a Unit, thus testing its basic functionality.



ASDS has deployed its custom-designed key loader for use with various cryptographic systems. The key loader provides two main functions: key management and an HMAC-based message authentication function.


High-Speed Deformatter / Decoder Board

PC plug-in Card for Data Acquisition, Decoding and Deformatting

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