TEMPEST Certification tests

ASDS provides an industry-unique combination of Crypto/Communications and TEMPEST skills.

ASDS operates a BSI approved TEMPEST Test Laboratory for TEMPEST certification tests and the national Zone-model according to BSI and Nato SDIP procedures.
In addition to commercial and governmental projects, ASDS provides solutions for high-security products and aerospace markets.


TEMPEST Test Laboratories

  • Authorized by German NSA (BSI)
  • BSI SDIP-27 Level A Accreditation
  • BSI Zone-Model Accreditation
  • TEMPEST certification tests
  • Two fully equipped Test Chambers for national Zone-Model and SDIP 27
  • TEMPEST design and development partner for military industry

ASDS offers consultancy services for TEMPEST design of mission critical applications.

This transparent consulting service taking place in early project phases supports the achievement of the final TEMPEST certification tests in a smart way without risk for the core requirements or functions of the applications.

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